Ruthenica Bohemica. Ruthenian Translations from Czech in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland

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Julia Verkholantsev

Berlin - Münster - London - Wien - Zürich 2007
ISBN: 978-3-8258-0465-7



Written as a dissertation at the University of California, and now revised, RUTHENICA BOHEMICA examines the historical circumstances and textual history of four fifteenth-century Ruthenian translations from Czech: "The Song of Songs," "The Book of Taudal the Knight," "The Tale of Sivilla the Prophetess," and "The Book of Tovit." The author suggests that these translations may provide textual evidence of proselytizing activity by the Czech and Croatian Benedictine Glagolite monks among Orthodox Ruthenians in the fifteenth century. The second part of the book is devoted to the linguistic description of Ruthenian translations from Czech.