Studying at the Department of Slavonic Studies

The study programmes in Slavonic Studies are primarily scientifically oriented and serve to promote the understanding of Slavonic languages and cultures as a whole and in their parts.

The study programmes consist of the following areas:

  • Language training
  • Linguistics
  • Literature Studies
  • Area and Cultural Studies

Language training is the essential foundation of Slavonic studies. Very good knowledge of the respective languages forms the basis of successful studies and the subsequent professional practice.

Linguistics describe the structure of Slavonic languages according to various scientific methods and investigate their change in the course of history as well as their genetic relationship with other (Slavonic and Indo-European) languages.

Literary studies deal with literary theory, methods of text analysis and interpretation, literature and other media, literary history and the comparison of different literatures.

Area and cultural studies provide knowledge about culture, history, politics and geography of the respective area from today's and historical point of view.

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