The Department of Slavonic Studies of the University of Vienna is the world's largest research and teaching centre for Slavic languages, literatures and cultures with the following focal points:

  • Language, literature and cultural contact research
  • Contact and sociolinguistics
  • Slavic dialectology including Burgenland Croatian and Slovenian in Carinthia
  • Slavic Literatures in Comparison and in Relation to German Literature
  • Slavic Medieval Studies (Early Medieval Slavic including Proto-Slavic)
  • Slavic substrate in Austria
  • Comparative Slavic Linguistics
  • History of the Slavic script languages

Due to its thematic breadth, the Department enjoys the highest international reputation in the field of research and is one of the internationally leading research institutions in the fields of historical and comparative Slavic linguistics as well as the history of Slavic script languages. It makes a particularly important contribution in those fields that are otherwise clearly underrepresented internationally and in German-speaking countries.