Univ.-Prof. Robert Kiss-Szeman, Privatdoz. PhD
T: +43-1-4277-42840
Summer term 2022
480055 KO Colloquium on Literature - Modern central European cultures (Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian) in the shade of totalitarism in the 20th century
480092 SE BA Seminar on Literature: West Slavic - History and reception of the ’catholical Modernism’ in the European and central European literatures and cultures
480107 SE Seminar on Literature and Culture - ’Slavic Goethe’ in Pest und Vienna. Slavic-german-hungarian connections in the oeuvre of Ján Kollár
480108 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies - Political, literary and visual culture in the first and second Czechoslovakia
Winter term 2021
480107 SE Seminar on Literature and Culture - Modernism and conservativism in the Western Slavic cultures of the 20th century
480110 KO Colloquium on Literature and Culture - A slavic Baedeker - Ján Kollár´s travelogue via Hungary, Croatia, Carinthia, Northern Italy, Tyrol and Bavaria
480112 KO Colloquium on West Slavic Regional and Cultural Studies - The history of the Central European cultures in the 19th and 20th centuries

Department of Slavonic Studies

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T: +43-1-4277-42840